Hot Cuppa

I like coffee, though I wouldn’t call myself an expert. I understand that there is an art to understanding the best blends and the right way to serve it up, but I like having a hot drink that wakes me up in a morning.

I’m not a fan of the insipid, milky stuff that gets handed out at most high street chains. I prefer to taste the coffee rather than the stuff that’s been added to it. However, I’m not going to complain too much if it’s 7am in the morning, I’m stood on a train station platform and there’s nothing else available.

I try to keep my afternoon consumption down, ideally decaffeinated if I can get it and I really need a hot drink. None of this is to say I’m anti-tea, which is a more than adequate alternative. Just that I tend to associate coffee with getting ready to go do something and tea with sitting back to do nothing. Except maybe eat some cake…

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