A Jolly Holiday

Finally, I find myself on holiday! The Sock Mistress and I have been counting down the days, weeks… months… until now and at last we have left England behind – our annual trip to Finland is upon us, and not moment too soon. This should guarantee the British Isles two solid weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, if recent history is to be repeated. Typically the weather perks up as soon as my passport is electronically scanned at Helsinki Vantaa airport. However, it is late May so perhaps it is just a coincidence…

Travelling here was mostly pleasant, aside from some turbulence flying over Stockholm. The pilot seemed to be blaming this on the Swedes themselves, in a joke that perhaps lost a little in the translation. Finnish humour is supposed to be an oxymoron, according to their Nordic and Scandinavian neighbours, so happy Finns should be a rare thing. On the other hand, although the Finnish national ice hockey team may have not won the world championships in Minsk this year, at least they did better than Sweden – and that’s something that every Finnish sports fan can smile about.

Having visited the Finnish capital and its surrounding area several times in the past, there are fewer and fewer new things to see or do each year. However, this doesn’t make the place any less interesting as a holiday destination, it just means that what was a novelty or a discovery before has become an old favourite that I associate with being here. Speaking of which, though they are a little sweet for me, having korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls) and very black coffee for breakfast is a great way to acclimatise my psyche to my Finnish surroundings. With that kind of fuel inside me, I’ll be ready to face the day!Helsthr

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