A Window to Faraway

I’m currently sat out in my garden, skimming through today’s news whilst listening online to the recent EU Commissioner debates (The other big competition that’s brought to us citizens of Europe by Eurovision). The sun is shining as I enjoy my breakfast, in fact if the weather reports are to believed, today will be the hottest day of the year in England. Unaccustomed as we are to sunshine in this country, this makes it very easy for me for me to imagine that I’m actually far away from where I actually am.

The weekend has arrived and I’m only four working days away from going on holiday – when I really will be far away from here. Thankfully the list of things ‘to-do’ that stand in my way between now and mentally clocking off are relatively few. The Blackberry will be switched off and its nagging red light will not be pestering me for attention – the LED equivalent of Japanese water torture. Whilst some of my colleagues are happy to check their emails whilst on leave, I find nothing admirable about it. It’s a mistake to think that you’ve been productive or effect just because you skim read a message from the accounts department whilst sunbathing with your wife/husband/2.4 children etc.

When I am on holiday, the mental energy that I normally expend on work-related matters is far better spent on reading menus, booking tickets for excursions and finally finishing books that I downloaded during the Kindle sale last Xmas. Instead of sprinting between Tube stations to make connections I want to be reclining in coffee shops watching the rest of the world pass by me. Weekends that bookend busy weeks don’t always present enough opportunities to do these things, but trying to making the time stretch so that it fits is always desirable. On this, the sunniest day of the year, making the time fit feels a little bit easier for me.

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