Escape Velocity

With Spring time comes sunny days, longer days and best of all – holidays! By some horrendous cruelty of The Fates, I’ve not managed to take any holiday from work yet this year. That’s not a complete tragedy, I have taken long weekends here and there, but not what you’d call a proper break. As such, with two weeks of holiday just around the corner, I’m getting rather excited. Spreading the fortnight across Finland, Sweden and Estonia will make for a fabulous Nordic/Scandinavian style adventure, with plenty of opportunities for fun, frolicking and generally leaving all work related baggage far behind. The tickets are booked, the apartment is reserved and the GBPs are soon to become EURs (with a few SEKs thrown in for good measure). I’ll be getting myself into the right frame of mind by listening to Finnish/Swedish chart music on my Nokia MixRadio app, watching Finnish movies (Iron Sky is on Netflix in its director’s cut form) and getting outside as much as the English weather will allow me. Whilst I only have a skewed, tourist’s eye view of the places I visit, there are just certain things that I associate with my (almost) annual jaunts to Helsinki, Stockholm and anywhere else that is a reasonable excursion away. Long walks and very long days are certainly a couple of them, as well as adjusting to those light nights followed by early dawns.

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