I’ve eaten a lot of hotel buffet food this year, not by choice – well, not directly. Hotel buffets are a tricky thing for me to navigate, since I find it hard to fight the temptation to fill my plate until it starts to sag with the weight of the food. In particular, at breakfast time this is an oddity. Normally I can manage two slices of toast and a coffee, then I’ll be full for the morning.  Put me in a hotel though and suddenly I want a full English breakfast, with extra pain-au-chocolate on the side and a pile of salami.

I have gradually got better over the years, usually I compromise and have one or two cooked items with my toast and then tear myself away from the communal trough.  Usually a sausage on the side of my scrambled egg will feed my cravings whilst not overfilling me too much.  I guess there’s a human instinct to eat whenever food is plentiful, in case it’s going to be taken away.  In a land of plenty, that’s not so much of an issue – but the hunger pangs remain.

…and another thing… grapefruit juice! I never have it at home, but I must have it at the breakfast buffet. Why on earth is that???

One thought on “Buffeting

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I have the same issue with buffets, but like you said it’s our human instinct to eat whenever possible. That said, I was quite proud of myself for cutting back when I was in Japan. I love Japanese breakfasts but perhaps culturally it isn’t exactly proper for women to eat loads even if at a buffet. I opted for a variety of bite sized portions which barely filled my plate. But I was still satisfied at the end of the meal, just not bursting at the seams like I sometimes am at home after having been subjected to a buffet. Haha.

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