On Rails Shooter

I like trains, be they old and steam driven or new and bullet shaped.  One of the nice things about my job is that I do get to travel on trains a lot… unfortunately one of the bad things is that I have to travel on trains a lot… It’s funny how something that you normally like can be spoiled when you’re not doing it for leisure purposes.

Having recently tried out the Heathrow Express I can (gladly) report that this bucks the trend.  It’s faster than any of the alternative routes from London to the airport, though more expensive, but since I have had to use it for work purposes – I would normally expect this to sour the experience.  Not so! It’s so much faster that I don’t mind using it, plus the on board WiFi is a godsend.

If all trains in the UK were like this, I think more people would use them – as opposed to begrudgingly use them.  However, that’s just not practical or likely to happen so we end up with the mish-mash of services that we currently have. Even the staff on the HEX are exceptionally helpful, I supposed they must have black belts in customer service to prepare them for all the confused and jet lagged tourists they must encounter on a daily basis.

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