Lurking Gherkins


It’s been a while since I got out in the garden and did some planting, but since the weather has been uncommonly good over the last few weeks, I managed to get some tomatoes and gherkins/cucumbers on the go.  I’m not sure what kind of gherkins/cucumbers I’ve planted, since they were from hand-me-down seeds from my Sockymum, but they seem quite exciting all the same.  I’ve transferred them from the greenhouse and they’re coping well outside in the garden.  I was a little worried that they’d get munched by the local bugs and slugs, but so far they’re surviving.  The tomatoes haven’t shown as much enthusiasm, but it’s early days.  Once the gherkins/cucumbers are a little larger (they’re about 3 inches at present) then I’ll probably start picking and pickling them.  I’ve still got a good stock pile of jars from the last time I made chutney, so they’ll be reutilised.  I’m not actually a huge fan of gherkins, but home grown produce always tastes better then shop bought stuff, so maybe I might even develop a liking for the little green things.

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