Touch The Sky

I’m not the best or the worst flier on the world. I don’t particularly like take offs or landings, but once I’m up in the clouds I’m usually OK. Today’s flight was on a gloriously sunny day, so it was predominantly enjoyable. Being diabetic, I have to request a special in-flight meal (even though there’s nothing in particular that a diabetic should have). It’s an available option though, so curiosity dictates that I have to try it. Turns out that I get a slightly larger sandwich, to keep my carb levels up.

The Marimekko branded cups, napkins and uniforms on the Finnair flight made me geek out a bit. It certainly brings a bit of colour and some Nordic cool to the journey. With the wind at our backs, it was just under two and a half hours from England to Finland, with almost enough time for me to finish off the James Bond audiobook I’m in the middle of listening to. As we approached the airport, the view over Helsinki whilst we circled for landing was pleasant as ever, if a little dizzying.

A quick shuttle bus later and The Sock Mistress and I were soon checked into our apartment. Hotels are fine if you don’t know the place you’re staying in, but since Helsinki is a regular holiday destination for us, self catering is a much more enjoyable option. Once the fridge/cupboards have been fully stocked with essential supplies, we can start planning our first full day in the Finnish capital.

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