Belgian Buns


Belgium (Roberto Bellarosa, “Love Kills“)

I like this, it reminds me of Savage Garden a bit.  The ‘Love kills, over and over’ chorus does tend to go… well, over and over and over… but that’s 3 minute pop songs for you.

Bulgaria (Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov, “Samo shampioni“)

Bleepy electro pop that won’t translate well for the more Westerly countries.

Belarus (Alyona Lanskaya, “Solayoh“)

The Belarusian Holly Valance.  Make your own judgement on that.

Switzerland (Takasa2, “You and Me“)

Like all Swiss entries since Celine Dion, nothing about this song hints at the country it is supposed to be representing. I know there’s nothing in the rules that say it has to, but shouldn’t it sound at least a little bit… well, more Swiss?

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