Feeling Board

Despite being a habitual video gamer, I still enjoy the old analogue games we used to play in the old days – before everything took batteries or came with a plug attached. Actually, I’m probably thinking back to a time when you had to fit your own plug.

Risk and Monopoly were two games that were often dug out during the caravan holidays of my youth. In fact a game of Risk could fill an entire holiday, mired in a perpetual stalemate as it often was.

I liked the idea of Cluedo, but preferred its Asian cousin Mysteries of Old Peking. I’m sure it has been re-released under a new name recently, but I don’t know if it still has the little red strip of plastic for reading coded messages – a form of technology employed by The Transformers to hide their tech specs.

The Great Escape followed the plot of the movie, in board game format. It was so complex with so many objectives to manage, I reckon you could trade in an afternoon’s play for a GNVQ in Prison Escapology.

A lot of board games have been replaced by more convenient and more portable app versions. This is fine, but much like how reading an ebook loses some of the tactile pleasure of a tree-book, they’re not quite the same. I reckon the world is more than big enough for both of them anyway, so I’ll keep on chucking those dice.

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