Say My Name, Say My Name

As the BBC drip feed their audience with further information about upcoming episodes of Dr Who, they’ve been using these rather cool movie posters. It’s very simple but it does give the series more of an epic feel. Even if recent stories have been a little short on ‘big reveals’ they do help to build up the anticipation during the gaps leading up to each Saturday night’s tea time viewing.

It seems as though we’re going to be given The Doctor’s real name this year, but I must admit to feeling a bit underwhelmed by that. He might have a made up alien name like Kal-El, which could just sound silly (notice that even Superman never uses his real name much). He might have a very normal sounding name, maybe he’s been calling himself John Smith all these years because it’s true.

Then again, it could all be leading to a swerve. Just as ‘The Wedding of River Song’ and ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ didn’t really deliver what their titles suggested. I think this would leave viewers feeling cheated, so I’m guessing that the writers have something particular clever up their sleeves. Once it’s been revealed, there must be some terrible consequences for our time traveller, or why else would he have kept it to himself – and maybe River – all these years?

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