If It’s In The Game

I like to play sporting video games a lot more than I like to play actual sports. As a lazy Western European, this isn’t perhaps unusual. The kinds of sports I play virtually are often ones that I wouldn’t have a passing interest in normally and similarly, there are sports that I follow that I don’t spend much time on in their digital form.

I follow NFL, though as a fan of The Dallas Cowboys some people might challenge that. Aside from EA’s Madden series, there isn’t much else to choose from. I’d rather dabble with Fantasy Football leagues instead of going on Xbox Live and getting creamed by some foul mouthed 8 year old – especially likely if I play as Dallas!

I like playing bowling games, in fact if Wii Sports bowling could be played online then you could close down all the bowling alleys in the land. I also find myself playing a lot of Shuffle Party these days, admittedly in bowling mode, but there little chance you’ll ever find me within a mile of a real life shuffle board! I used to be hooked on Championship/Football Manager too, which I’ve always thought should be used to train actual managers. Maybe if it was, the ‘beautiful game’ might be a little bit more… well, beautiful…

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