Winning Phone 8

After 24 long (but happy) months with my Nokia N8 the time finally arrived for me to upgrade my contract. Nerd that I am, I had to get straight down to the store for my new handset as soon as my eligibility rolled around. I love Nokia hardware, though their software can be hit and miss. As such, the Lumia 820 leapt out at me – all that lovely Finnish designed goodness but with none of the archaic Symbian nonsense. Plus as I’m currently running a Windows 8 laptop, it means I can stay within the same ecosystem as this is a Windows Phone 8 handset.

What I like – Rather than use the ‘Transfer My Data’ app I just logged into the phone with my Microsoft account. As if by magic, all my contacts, documents and profile data beamed down from SkyDrive. Perfect! This was as easy as the manual said it would be. Seeing my Xbox Live avatar run onscreen within the games section was a nice touch. The sound quality for calls is as good as my N8 and though technically the camera is inferior, to my untrained eye it’s comparable (though I haven’t tested it in low light yet. 95% of the apps I use are in the Windows Phone store and the rest are either non-essential or on their way.

Things I don’t like – No native 3G video calls! This is a pain, not everyone uses Skype though I understand why Microsoft wants us to. The body of the phone is so smooth that it is almost frictionless in your hand. Looks great but needs a gel cover so that you don’t fire it across the room when you pull it out of your pocket quickly. For some reason when I receive a SMS it disconnects my Bluetooth headset. This could be my phone and my particular headset not getting along, but they’re both Nokia products…

Overall, this is definitely the right phone for me. The Windows 8 and SkyDrive integration alone would be enough to tempt me. Only time will tell if it continues to be as flexible and reliable as my trusty N8.

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