Has anyone on the WWE roster fallen so far, so quickly as The Miz? It’s not that long ago that he was headlining against John Cena. He won that match and walked out of Wrestlemania with the WWE title. Now he finds himself scrambling to stay in the spot light by challenging the Inter-continental Champion, England’s finest, Wade Barrett.

Like Ken Anderson, The Miz is often unfairly criticised because his larger than life persona on the mic overshadows his mat skills. Like Roddy Piper in the past, his character irritates as many people as it entertains. How the live crowd will respond to him remains to be seen.

A string of unconvincing recent champions has tarnished the reputation of the IC belt and Wade hasn’t helped this by losing a lot of non-title matches over the last few weeks. However, his ‘Fight Club’ gimmick gives him an edge that will appeal to the traditionally smart Wrestlemania audience. I don’t expect this one to last long and I don’t think we’ll see the championship change hands.

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