Moves Like Swagger

Alberto del Rio versus Jack Swagger should be topping the bill at Wrestlemania. By virtue of this being a world title match alone, this should be a co-main event at least. The world title may have only come onto the WWE by way of the WCW acquisition, but it’s still got a lineage that includes some of the greatest champions in pro wrestling history.

However, if these two men are lucky they will be featured at the halfway mark – if they are unlucky they will open the show and be long forgotten by the time Rock and Cena step between the ropes. It’s a shame that this title receives less attention than it should, but there’s no reason that the Mexican superstar and the amateur wrestling expert can’t put on a technically great match.

This is Swagger’s third or fourth bite of the cherry and his DUI arrest makes it unclear how well he will be pushed after Wrestlemania. Perhaps this will motivate him to put on the performance of his career, perhaps he can win the big one on the greatest stage of them all… then again, perhaps not…

2 thoughts on “Moves Like Swagger

  1. Top notch article! So darn true, even though the championships are merely symbolic… they deserve to be higher on the card (if not highest) and be treated like “winning the big one”….though I ain’t too thrilled with swags vs del rio.. it is a decent matchup…

  2. I know what you mean – on paper, both Del Rio and Swagger have the skills to put on a good match. The angle has been left to dry up and a lot of people’s interest will go with it. I could see Swagger winning, then Ziggler cashing in – so that WWE can create some ‘shortest ever champ’ stat to punish Jack with, for his DUI arrest.

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