Dolph? Hell No?

Dolph Ziggler may have been given an awkward in-ring name but it’s just about the only thing awkward about him. He’s proven himself over and over again but still ends up falling short of achieving a main even run. Even after winning the ‘Money in the Bank’ guaranteed title match last year – Ziggler still languishes in the mid card.

This year he has been thrown into a hastily booked tag match with partner Big E against the odd couple of Kane and Daniel Bryan. Yes, the tag team titles are on the line, but they stopped meaning anything when they started to resemble large 2 pence coins.

Whether Dolph will win at Wrestlemania or not is overshadowed by whether or not he cashes in his briefcase and takes the opportunity to challenge for the world title. That’s a shame, because it lessens the tag title match – but if Ziggler jumps in at the end of the world title match then that cheapens the victory of the guy who has just won second before. It’s a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t kind of situation.

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