Twenty One And Oh

Every year The Undertaker rises from his grave of semi-retirement to challenge a new opponent to attempt the impossible – to break his undefeated Wrestlemania winning streak. Twenty times he has risen to the occasion and twenty times he has had his hand lifted by the referee.

This time the former WWE champ CM Punk has thrown his hat in the ring and seeks to reclaim some of the glory he lost when he gave up the title to that other part-timer, The Rock. Punk was always the natural opponent for The Undertaker as nobody else on the roster could convincingly pose a threat to The Deadman.

With the recent death of Undertaker’s long-time manager Paul Bearer, the build up to the fued has ironically been given a new burst of life. The boundaries of good taste have been tip-toed around but the ever-theatrical showman Mr. Bearer may be looking down on events with a pale-faced smile. I don’t think The Streak is in any danger of being broken, but it should be very entertaining watching CM Punk taking The Undertaker to his limit.

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