Twice In A Lifetime

With the coming of Springtime, there follows longer days, bird song in the air and Wrestlemania live on PPV! My inner grapple fan has never grown up and gone away but every Wrestlemania I sit up and pay particular attention. This year there is a sense of deja vu as our main event is exactly the same as last year – John Cena vs. The Rock, but now the WWE title is on the line.

I was surprised that The Rock went over last year – in fact I was amazed, logic says that the guy who is hanging around should get the push. However, pro wrestling doesn’t always follow the rules of logic. So Cena took the fall and The Rock went back to making movies.

Fast forward to now and The Rock broke CM Punk’s 434 day reign (impressive) to win the gold, but will he be hanging around after Wrestlemania? I don’t think so, but I was wrong last time… Since these two have already squared off once already this match up has lost some of its novelty. Even with the belt thrown in to up the stakes, these two need to do something special to make Wrestlemania feel, well… special.

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