Jumping Frog, Albuquerque


Like a good sized portion of the world I occasionally like to treat myself to the guilty pleasure that is a hot dog. Preferably one that contains the same ingredients as those named on the menu (dog precluded). My favourite is usually a chilli dog, something so messy that it’s a challenge to get more than half of it in your mouth rather than dribbled down your shirt front.

Today I opted for a ‘Mexicana’ from Primo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs. The dog itself was a fairly typical Frankfurter but the thick spicy sauce and heaps of jalapeno peppers gave it plenty of kick. The guacamole and sour cream meant that it was a continuous struggle to keep the toppings from spreading across my face.

The bun was a little insubstantial for the amount of filling and it began to come apart as the sauces soaked through. However, all things considered this was a good hot dog that that left me feeling stuffed (but not overstuffed) for the rest of the afternoon. There are plenty of different varieties of hot dogs served on the menu, so based on this – my first visit to Primo’s – I would happily go back.

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