A Secret Journey

Whilst traveling on the train to work I often see little signposted footpaths that snake between the fields and farm houses that fill out the scenery as I flash past. In all likelihood they’re just dirt tracks that have been trampled into the landscape over time and have eventually been coated with Tarmac and turned into cycleways.

Without actually stepping off the train and exploring these paths I can’t say for sure. The signs whizz by at such speed that I have no way of telling if they say, ‘This way be monsters,’ or ‘Abandoned horde of Dwarvish gold 200m.’ However, it’s only by following these paths that you can know for sure if you’ll make your way into The Secret Garden or the land of Narnia.

So as I rattle along on my daily commute I find myself wondering if anyone has charted ‘The Improbable Destinations of Seldom Trod Pathways.’ It wouldn’t necessarily be an accurate or an actual guide book but an account of the interconnected intersections between dream worlds and the routes that (might, just might…) take you there. I’d enjoy reading that…

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