If the gossip in the recent geek media is to be believed, the new owners of the Star Wars franchise are planning a series of spin off films, each focusing on individual character from the saga. I don’t see this as being a bad thing, though some fans are worried that this could dilute the impact of Episodes VII – IX if quality control is thrown out of the airlock hatch.

A movie set around the goings on in and around Jabba’s palace could be good. Maybe something following young Han Solo as he rises through the ranks of the Empire until he has his Copernican revelation and hooks up with the Wookie. As longs as the movies with Roman numerals in the titles are as good as they can be, then I’m fine with as many side-stories as Disney want to knock out.

I still wonder who will be placed as the lead villain in these forthcoming episodes. Maul is dead, Tyranus is dead, Sidious is dead and Vader saw the light. The only other Sith that we’ve had named on screen within a canonical film is Plagueis. Y’know, the one who was studying how to survive death and to use The Force to become immortal… I know Sidious said he had killed Plagueis, but we thought Obi Wan was gone at first and he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine.

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