Unlucky ’13

I’ve been using the MS Office 2013 Home Preview for a few months now and I’ve really found this to be a big step up from the last version of MS Office I spent much time with (2003). In terms of functionality and user interface, I’m a convert – I’ve just about got used to the ribbon as well, which is good because it’s everywhere now.

I’ve dabbled with Libre Office and Open Office over the years, which both do the job but so often I found myself having to reformat documents if they needed to be used in MS Office at all. Libre Office still gets the nod for my Raspberry Pi though and my Ubuntu on a stick too.

I’ve attempted to make the move to the full blown subscription version of MS Office 2013 but unfortunately this coincided with my laptop locking up on me (and refusing to let me in). After exploring all other options I’ll resort to a system restore. The process is pretty pain free in Windows 8 and my data is backed up on the cloud. I’ll have a couple of desktop apps to reinstall (Steam, iTunes) but a system failure isn’t the same disaster it used to be.

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