Tie Fighter

Unlike 98% of the people I work with, I still wear a tie when I go into the office. I’m only including the menfolk in that figure, but the point remains the same. I like wearing a tie because it allows me to add a bit of colour to my standard white M&S shirts. I don’t even go for cartoon emblazoned novelty ties (anymore) just plain colours with the occasional pinstripe.

I also find that wearing a tie helps me mentally separate from when I’m working and when I’m not – this is my ‘uniform’ and once the tie comes off, that’s work put to rest for the day. I can’t say whether it gives me a more professional appearance, that’s just other people’s opinion, but it definitely has an influence on my own mindset and helps with my work/life balance.

For anyone else who owns Fink and Mao’s masterpiece, ‘The 85 Ways To Tie A Tie,’ my preferred knot is The Plattsburgh. Most of my ties are thin enough to be tied in this knot without it becoming bulky and awkward. I have a couple of longer ties that will take a larger Balthus knot but I prefer a shorter tie in general – nothing trailing below the belt buckle for me. I’m a firm believer that a tie is neckwear and should be worn as such.

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