Dusting Off Ziggy

After a decade long absence The Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie has released his new single ‘Where Are We Now.’ Like much of his modern era work it’s an understated ballad with Bowie croaking over a lo-fi backdrop. Lyrically it’s a love song to his days living in Berlin around the time of the ‘Low’ record. It bodes well for the forthcoming album, ‘Next Day’ which is due to arrive in March. I like the new track but I won’t buy it whilst it’s only available on iTunes (too expensive per download).

As with anyone who has been putting out albums for the length of time Bowie has, not everything in his back catalogue is a classic, but I prefer his music post-Tin Machine, which probably puts me in a minority. ‘Black Tie White Noise’ and ‘1. Outside’ are my favourites of all his albums and part of me still hopes for a follow up to his non-linear gothic drama hyper-cycle. I really enjoyed his Nathan Adler persona and would love for Bowie to put out another concept album to cover his ongoing investigations.

I dusted off two recent albums today, ‘Heathen’ and ‘Reality,’ which are both a little patchy but listenable. The former of those is the strongest of the pair as it contains ‘Slo Burn’ which is one of the best singles that Bowie has written in such a long time. If the new material is anything like that then I’ll be a happy fan. He’s been a virtual recluse for so very long now, I’m anticipating very good things.

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