The Power Of Mordor

With the new Hobbit movie arriving in cinemas soon I decided to dust off my Lord of the Rings DVD trilogy and give myself a fix of Middle Earth action and adventures. I didn’t splash out on the Blu Rays, I’ve got the nice extended edition series that came with a set of miniature statutes – nothing’s going to top those.

It’s a while since I sat through the movies and in my head ‘Fellowship…’ is the one where they walk everywhere, ‘Towers…’ is the one where they run everywhere and ‘Return…’ is the one where they all sing. That’s a bit of an oversimplification but generally that’s the gist of things.

I remembered the middle film as being my favourite, with more action than the first and less Hobbo-eroticism between Sam and Frodo than the third. On rewatching them I think that’s still the case for me but I liked the CGI heavy battles in Return of the King a bit more this time. When I saw them originally I wasn’t particularly taken by them. The multiple endings for each set of characters might make for an anti-climatic finale, but it’s still worth the 9hr test of endurance to get there.

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