8th Time’s A Charm

I’ve been using Windows 8 on my 4yr old HP laptop for a few weeks now and apart from a handful of quirks, I’m very happy with the new operating system. Despite getting a large amount of negative press, I’m finding 8 to be an improvement on 7 – though unlike how the TV commercials imply, it perhaps hasn’t radically improved my digital life.

The start screen is a big stumbling block for many people. Having your social apps ‘up front’ via live tiles and your desktop apps round the ‘back’ clearly isn’t the way most people arrange their PCs. For me though, it feels quite natural. It’s exactly how I have my Android tablet set up, with my 16 most used apps on my single home screen and everything else in a big iOS style grid at the ‘back.’

The Windows store may have less apps than the Play and iTunes stores but I don’t need 100,000 different Twitter clients and 100,000 versions of iFart. The switch between which legacy apps run via desktop and which apps run from the modern interface still doesn’t feel very slick, but overall I’m enjoying those faster boot up times and better multitasking too much to care.

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