Surprisingly, to me anyway, I’ve recently been reading the Harry Potter books. I’ve seen all eight movies and enjoyed them, they’re a bit of fantasy fluff to pass the time on a Bank Holiday afternoon. The only exception being the first part of Deathly Hallows, in which nothing happens to progress the story and everything in it is just preamble leading up to the last film.

The books however, have never really appealed to me. As an adult, I can still enjoy children’s books (Moomins, The Hobbit, The Adventures of Major Tom and Oddball) but only in short doses. When the page count clocks in at four digits then I lose interest. As it happens though, the Potter books are free to download to Kindle via the Amazon Prime lending library. This has made it easier for me to justify to myself spending a bit more time in Hogwarts.

I zipped through Philosopher’s Stone in no time and although the imagery in my head is coloured by the movies, I still found it a good read. Now that I’m halfway through Chamber of Secrets I’m finding my reading rate slowing a little. I think I can probably manage another book of this length, but then I’ll need to dip into something totally different in style. Just to add some variety to my reading. It’ll be getting close to Xmas by then, so maybe something festive.

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