The Wild Frontier

I go through phases of filling up my iPod with audiobooks, then tunes and then back to books again. Plus there’s always a steady selection of podcast to keep me up to date with pro wrestling results, geek news and Friday Night Comedy from the BBC. At the moment my iPod is full of tunes, including the long awaited single ‘Cool Zombie’ from Adam Ant. Adam was the first pop star that caught my imagination, he had the music, the image, the style – the total package.

I managed to stay spoiler-free despite snippets of the song floating around the Internet for a while. Having now heard the full song I’m really pleased with what Mr. Ant has produced. Needless to say, the track isn’t what I was expecting; this isn’t ‘The Return of Prince Charming’ and doesn’t echo much of Adam’s previous music. It’s 2 parts bluegrass with a healthy dash of Bob Dylan in the mix.

It’s good to see Adam in such strong health as well. I also like the bespectacled steampunk Napoleon look that he’s showing off too.  As always he’s mixture of the old and the new, the classic and the current. Like he said in a line from his solo single ‘Room at the Top’ he’s “…made in England, born and bred, an 18th century brain in a 21st century head.”

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