Light In The Darkness

I’ve just finished listening to the Big Finish ‘boxed set’ adventure starring the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann. The previous series saw his assistant Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) bow out in dramatic fashion and left our time travelling hero raging at the unjust universe he lives in. Dark Eyes is a four disc set with a fifth disc of interviews covering the making of the series. The production values of Big Finish stories are usually great and this is no different, with a particularly strong soundtrack.

The Doctor takes on a new outfit and haircut, which is a key element of the TV show, him being the character who keeps changing his appearance. For an audio drama, this is less of a factor – but it does mean we get some new photos of McGann for the cover artwork. He also picks up a new assistant from the trenches of the First World War.

The four episode format reminds me of the classic Who series, where almost all the stories were spread over separate parts. This makes the adventure feel properly epic as the adventure never stops over the three and a bit hours it lasts. The climax has some surprise revelations to tie up the few loose threads that unravel across the discs. I like this story a lot and the ‘boxed set’ format suits it well. It gives it a strong sense of continuity between the episodes, which for a transdimensional time travelling series, that has to be a good thing.

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