Smurf Warfare

Today I found myself wondering, would The Smurfs ever go to war? I don’t mean a civil war over ideologies or a revolution to overthrow the Communist dictatorship of ‘Old Red Pants’ himself, Papa Smurf. I mean a war with a nearby neighbour, and if so, what would drive them to take up arms – and would they ever strike first? They are historically a fiercely territorial race, reluctant to mix with other peoples and they go so far as to deny the location of their base of operations AKA The Smurf Village. They have been known to use force to repel anyone who enters their borders and it is now widely accepted by all but the Belgian government that Papa Smurf is in possession of chemical weaponry. Would he ever use those weapons to expand his domain? Who can say, but if I were a Snork or lived in the Moominvalley, I wouldn’t want to wait and find out.

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