Curiosity And The Cube

I finally gave in to my *curiosity* and downloaded the new game from Peter Molyneux – Curiosity. This is the brain that brought us god games such as Populous, Fable as well as Black and White. Curiosity isn’t a god game though, although you control a floating hand perhaps belonging to the deity of chisels.

The game is available for iOS and Android, though I’ve only played it on an Android tablet which is reportedly a little glitchy compared to the version on Apple devices. The objective is to gradually chip away at a massive cube in order to be the first player to reach its centre.

The graphics aren’t pretty (it’s a big grey cube), the gameplay is repetitive (think of popping a sheet of bubble wrap), and the sound is uninspiring (you get a jingle as you chisel like the sound of Sonic collecting rings) . There is a small social element as you’re competing against other players online but your amount of interaction is very limited. At its core this is Minecraft in reverse but I can’t see this being as popular.

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