New TV

This week I watched the opening episodes of two new TV shows, the DC Comics adaptation ‘Arrow’ and the Sherlock Holmes reimagining ‘Elementary.’ It’s not that I’m short of stuff to watch these days, nor have suddenly got any extra time to spend in front of the gogglebox. However, the trailers looked pretty interesting so I thought I’d give them a whirl.

Arrow is based on the Green Arrow comic books and will be familiar to anyone who has seen a Batman movie. A millionaire playboy takes on an alter-ego in order to fight injustice and generally kick it about the arse. I enjoyed this and hopefully the series will keep up the pace of episode one.

Elementary takes the story of Holmes and Watson but relocate it to modern day America. Coming hot on the heels of the recent BBC retelling, this will struggle to find its own identity. Holmes is twitchy and Watson is world-weary but only time will tell if any chemistry develops between them.

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