The Eighth Doctor

Next month sees the return of the eighth incarnation of Doctor Who, as played by Paul McGann. Whilst his screen time has been the shortest, thanks to the excellent series of radio plays he has featured in, he is the longest running of all the Doctors. I really enjoyed the movie length episode from the late 90s that saw McCoy regenerate into McGann. This Doctor was a mixture of his first and fifth selves and took on his long time foe The Master. Since then I have been an avid follower of his particular timeline.

When he returns in the four part Big Finish produced story, Dark Eyes, he has just lost a companion whilst fighting The Daleks. He is sporting a new outfit too that’s a cross between the look of his ninth and sixth personas, though much darker (as the title might suggest).

The most evil pepper pots in the galaxy may also be making a return too, so it might be an opportunity for our face-changing Timelord to get some payback. The final scene of The Eighth Doctor’s previous (chronologically speaking) adventure implied that there was very little he wouldn’t do to try and set right the wrongs of the universe. “To the edge and maybe beyond,” were his last words. “One day I shall go back, yes… one day.”

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