Test Your Luck


Many moons ago, I used to have a collection of Jackson and Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy books. In a pre-Gameboy world, for a geeky gamer on the go, this was the only way to get your action/adventure fix whilst away from your AD&D. The series was consistently good and even now I vividly remember entering The House of Hell, visiting The Rebel Planet and making an Appointment With F.E.A.R. I was one of the few who didn’t like to read ahead and cheat, which made it all the more frustrating to take a wrong turn or make a bad dice roll that brought my story to an abrupt end. However, for me that was part of what kept the gamebooks fresh. If you didn’t have a chance of losing then where was the excitement in playing the game? The series continually has the ability to roll a double six and return to bookshelves, as seen with the latest volume ‘Blood of the Zombies.’ I’ve not had a chance to pick up a paperback copy myself, but since it’s also available as an Android app then there’s every chance that I’ll be filling out a virtual character sheet some time soon.

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