A Million To One

With skydiver (spacediver?) Felix Baumgartner making his enormous leap from the top of the world, all eyes will be looking up for a while. I’d love to be a knowledgeable star gazer so all this excitement about the universe above us and our quest to reach out to it has re-ignited my interest.

Coincidentally, this is the same week that a former British Ministry of Defence employee (Nick Pope) admitted that they have all kinds of experimental drones and aircrafts that would be rolled out in case our space exploration attracts the interest of unwelcome invaders from space.

I recently watched a documentary on this very idea on the National Geographic channel. There was a worrying lack of X Wing fighters being used by Team Earth and it quickly deteriorated into guerilla warfare. However, I’ve always thought that when we finally get some space tourists, they’ll be more interested in taking holo-photos and trying the food. Time to translate the Lonely Planet range into Martian.

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