There And Back Again

I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Hobbit movies. I’m not 100% sure if a children’s book of a couple of hundred pages can be stretched out to a trilogy but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. The Lord of the Rings movies captured the feel of the novels and were entertaining in their own right.

I like a fantasy adventure flick as much as the next Elven Warrior and the budget of your typical SyFy Channel offering doesn’t always hit the right side of ‘epic’ for me. Seeing these realms of dragons and dungeons brought to life is great escapist fun.

I feel a little torn, since I cannot bring myself to share a cinema with most modern moviegoers – their lack of consideration for others and their inability to eat popcorn quietly puts me off. I think Middle Earth will look more impressive on a big screen but I’ll be waiting until the Blu Ray release before I revisit Bilbo and chums.

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