Pointing Out

I recently picked up the Director’s Cut of the “point and click” adventure game Broken Sword from the Google Play 25p sale. I say ‘picked up’ as if it were a physical shop selling physical things, but of course that’s just a figure of speech. I used to play “point and click” games on my old Amiga 500 and my first PC, a lowly 386 that chugged along under the power of MS DOS. The Monkey Island games were amongst my favourites, though the puzzles were sometimes a bit random. They were genuinely funny and the dialogue still stands up to this day. These also exist as ‘Special Editions’ within my Steam account. Beneath A Steel Sky was another classic, which I recently rediscovered via my Raspberry Pi and an emulator. Maybe one day Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis will get converted to Android or 3DS and I’ll be a happy bunny.

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