Robots And Lemmings

The weather was much brighter this morning, which was nice as (according to the news) the rest of the country had been washed away after heavy rainfall. Culture was the keyword today – with The McManus art gallery and The Dundee Science Centre being the main attractions on the agenda. The gallery was excellent, in particular I geeked out at the section dedicated to the Scottish gaming industry with Lemmings and the original Grand Theft Auto featured in the display. The McManus gallery also has a fabulous cafe with great soups and sandwiches to refuel weary tourists.


The Dundee Science Centre is ideal for kids and big kids like me. They’re showing a special exhibition on robots at the moment, which I really enjoyed.


The theme is specifically robots – the fantasy and the reality. Next to Iron Man (technically not a robot) and The Terminator are interactive exhibits designed to show you a bit about how robots in the real world think and act.


Aside from the robot exhibition, there are also lots of interactive displays that show you how the human brain processes and stores information – apparently I know approximately 38,000 words but still can’t tell which of two strangers feels superior to the other from just their body language. Every day’s a school day, or so they say…

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