The Sega Dreamcast is one of my all time favourite games consoles and the two Shenmue games were some of its best titles. They were an attempt to create a living, breathing world within an action RPG. For anyone who hasn’t played them, they’re set in the 1980s and they tell the story of a young man (Ryo) who has to try and find his father’s killer whilst searching for a pair of magical mirrors. Along the way there are a huge amount of small incidental challenges that bring the games to life (getting a job, going shopping, playing in video arcades). Even the weather changed in each game day to reflect the actual weather at that time on that date. At the time there was nothing else that featured this level of detail and I was totally absorbed by the story of the characters. Unfortunately the series is in limbo and a third game may never appear to resolve Ryo’s quest.  Maybe with a new generation of consoles on the horizon, there could be a chance of a sequel.

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