Feeling Chilli

Occasionally I go through bouts of being well organised and make myself lunch to take to work with me. It saves time during the day and it definitely saves money, it just takes a bit of preparation up front. Today I have turkey chilli with potato wedges, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ve got a collection of different lunch boxes which I could use but I’ve gone for a little squat one which is microwavable. I do have a Thermos which would keep it warm and save me from having to use the microwave at work, but then I’d have to reheat my chilli in the morning. To spread my effort across the day, I cooked the chilli the day before then popped it in the fridge. Before I set off for work I boxed it up cold, then I’ll just nuke it at lunchtime. As the days get a little more Wintery I think a spicy option will be just what I need.

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