NFL Week 2


We’re now part way into the second week of the NFL season and whilst my Cowboys have made a good start, so too have my NFL Fantasy Football Team – The Socky Monsters.  This is my first year playing Fantasy Football, so a lot of my decisions are being made on a ‘trial and error’ basis, but that might not make me much different from some actual NFL coaches.  In our opening game we beat the Wallingford Wanderers so we’ll be hoping to turn that victory into a winning streak in week two.  We also made it through the first week without picking up any injuries, but DeSean Jackson of the Eagles is looking like he might not play against the Ravens today.  Other than that, The Monsters are proving to be a healthy and resilient bunch.  My quarterback, Matt Ryan of the Falcons, has his work cut out for him against the Broncos on Monday, but I’m optimistic.  This week we’re against the P City Punishers, who are coming off a narrow loss to the SA Strykers.  I’m confident that the Monsters will be able to come out on top again here, so I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the gameday results today and tomorrow.

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