Raspberry TV

This weekend I installed the media centre package ‘Raspbmc’ onto my Raspberry Pi computer. The little electronic marvel had impressed me as a desktop device that punched above its weight, but I’d heard good things about its ability to stream TV and movies so I set aside a spare SD card for the job. The automated installer ran very easily and once I booted up the system it chugged away for twenty minutes (actually suggesting to me that I go get a coffee) before the glossy front end appeared. A little bit of tinkering and I got iPlayer and 4OD to connect, as well as some web TV channels and sites with video content like ESPN and Engadget. Some further tinkering got my Android tablet to act as a wireless remote controller. The results were excellent – a lot of HD content and smooth streaming video. For £25 my TV just got a whole lot smarter!

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