Recent Reads


I’m still using the Comixology app to keep up with my comic book habit and as such I’m flitting between current issues and classic back issues.  These are some of the storylines that have been getting virtual ink on my fingers.


All Hail Megatron

I’ve been meaning to read this story for a while, but the price of the collected comics has been off putting.  Luckily, going digital solves that problem.  Here, the bad guys win – Megatron conquers all and the good guys have to find how to claw their way up from the rubble.  This a great take on the long running giant-robot series, it works so well because it makes the bad guys really bad.  The inevitable return of Optimus Prime seemed a little rushed, but he had to be thrown in at some point to save the day.

Vampirella #19

The otherworldy heroine with a dress sense that’s somewhere between 1980s hair metal band Vixen and the WWE Divas is fighting the armies of Hell again.  Long running villain Vlad Dracula returns, having gained new powers after doing a dastardly deal with some dark gods who are older than order and chaos themselves.  Luckily Vampirella has a Vatican sanctioned SWAT team to back her up as they fight worm-like Lovecraftian monsters from the pit.

Captain Britain Annual #1

Sitting in the middle of the MI:13 series, this is split into two halves – the first is the story of what the Captain’s wife Meggan got up to whilst she was trapped in Hell.  The second is the MI:13 team playing cricket, in which Blade proves himself to be a competent bowler.  The artwork in the first half is a little ropey, but it’s good to see how Meggan raised a rebellion in Hell and that ties up nicely with her eventual return during the war with Dracula (that man again) and his vampire army.  The second story looks much better and shows how the Captain’s powers are amplified by his own self confidence.  Told through a series of flashbacks, he recalls his life with Meggan but only once he has cleared his mind does his batting sort itself out.

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