I haven’t done anywhere near as much gardening this year as I did last year. The weather in particular has been terrible, lots of rain and very little sunshine. As such, it just hasn’t felt enjoyable being outside for much of the time. It’s hard to motivate yourself to get your gloves on and get covered in soil on the best of days.

Now that warmer and brighter weather has finally descended on England I’ve been venturing into the greenhouse a bit more often. I have some tomatoes that are coming along nicely, my first tiny little ‘tom’ was spotted dangling from a vine this morning. I’ve also got some cucumbers that seem to be looking quite healthy, which is good.

My herb garden isn’t doing too badly either. I have some dill and parsley that are doing well and a little bit of thyme also. It might be getting late in the year to be sticking things in the in the ground but getting something growing is better than nothing.

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