Sock Monsters Never Die

A few years ago I picked up a book called ‘Stupid Sock Creatures’ by John Murphy. It was from a small book shop in Helsinki called Hobbocks, which unfortunately has since closed. It was a mixture of comic strips and sewing patterns for making strange looking monsters from old socks.

I went through a stage of transforming my old socks into aliens, which was great fun. I then picked up some gaudy patterned socks from a cheap store and made some that were nice enough to give as Christmas presents. It was good to find my rudimentary sewing skills, that I picked up when putting Iron Maiden patches on my denim jacket in the 80s/90s, were still useful.

Imagine my joy then, to see ‘The Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures’ pop up on my Amazon recommendation list under the coming soon section. More stupidity, more monsters and more cartoons! Needless to say this has been pre-ordered and will be winging its way to my door as fast as my Prime subscription can carry it.

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