The Final Frontier

I’ve never thought of myself as a stargazer but I’ve always enjoyed looking up at the stars. Whenever there’s not too much light pollution, the little balls of light that cluster across the night time sky are fascinating to see. I’ve never gone as far as investing in a telescope and sitting out in a field to observe the stars and planets but I can see the appeal of what lies beyond our earthly atmosphere.

I remember when I was at school I once made a model for a competition, of the solar system out of painted hard boiled eggs and modelling clay. I don’t think I won but I think I got some kind of runner up prize. I read and watch a lot of science fiction on TV but I’ll always find myself wondering if the optimism about space travel that was widespread in the 1960s will ever return.

When I was born there were no smartphones, satellite TV didn’t exist and keyhole surgery was inconceivable. There can be leaps in technology so I’ll keep looking up and wondering when journeys across the stars will be as common as train travel. ‘A man’s reach should exceed his grasp – or what’s a heaven for?’ said Robert Browning and I think there’s still truth that.

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