Going for Gold

The London 2012 Olympics start today, despite some of the events already having taken place earlier in the week. As for myself, as many other people in the North of England do, I don’t feel the games will have much of an influence on me or my life over the next few weeks. Like most people in the country, I’ll be at work when on many of the events take place so seeing the results on the evening news will lessen their impact.

That said, I will watch the opening ceremony, which will be a fabulous spectacle. I will see some of the TV coverage, in particular I will be keen to see the Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby, though I still insist on calling it Murder Ball because it’s a much more suitable name for such an aggressive sport.

I didn’t get caught up in the ticket madness, so I won’t be going down to the capital or to any of the other Olympic venues to see any events in person. I did manage to see the torch when it passed by where I live, so I did have a brief Olympic moment. I suppose my main lack of enthusiasm for the games is driven by the sheer cost in terms of public money. In a time of austerity and public spending budget cuts, I just can’t get excited about a London-centric sports day.

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