Fruity Filling

I spent a good chunk of the weekend tinkering with my Linux powered, cigarette packet sized computer, my Raspberry Pi ( I’m no coder, so my progress is slow and I managed to brick the system a few times – but thankfully its flash memory is easily restored.

Perhaps strangely, my first attempts at personalising my setup were to get my Pi running the sort of applications I use on my regular Windows laptop. There is a particular satisfaction at taking a device so small and getting to deliver a performance that isn’t a million miles away from a full size, full price computer.

Once I was able (just about) to Tweet and Scrobble as usual, I installed a few emulated games and revisited some classic MS DOS era point and click adventures. Beneath a Steel Sky was a particular favourite. Even though the graphics have aged and the dialogue isn’t up to Hollywood standards, the stories are great. Even if the puzzles can be a little random and illogical at times.

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