No Strings Attached

Whilst many people think the Gerry Anderson series ‘Thunderbirds’ was FAB, I always thought the adventures of Captain Scarlet were far more exciting. Though the style of puppet animation was quite similar in both of them, the characters and storylines were very different.

Captain Scarlet told the story of a man made (almost) immortal by alien technology. He used that power to fight those aliens as they attempted to take over the earth. The opening sequence showed Scarlet being gunned down in a dark alleyway, only to get back up – like Mike Myers or Jason Voorhees. Except this is the hero of the story!

Thunderbirds were more of a Sci Fi version of an United Nations peace keeping force, but their missions were usually focussed on search and rescue operations. Both seem a little camp these days, but the CGI remake of Scarlet from a couple of years back addressed a lot of that, bringing the series bang up to date.

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