As I write this I’m listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack, having just watched the teaser trailer for the new Robocop movie remake. Both of the original films were favourites of mine in the 80s and in different ways they still stand up pretty well to this day.

When Tron was first released it was an exciting fantasy that gave an interpretation of what a digital world could actually look like. We now live in a digital world and there are less turbocycles and discus battles but the principals of the MCP live on in The Cloud.

Robocop always reminded me of the stark authoritarian world of the Judge Dredd comics. When Dredd finally did get his own film years later, it was a far cry from the violent satire of Robocop. However, Mega City One will be back on the big screen soon enough, so hopefully it will deserve a second bite of the cherry.

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